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Halloween Horror Party

Sat 30 October 2010 // 19:30

Saturday 30th/ 7.30pm/ £5 adv/ £7
Halloween Horror Party

A creepy party night with bands and a film. The Gooch will make your flesh crawl with their electronica versions of horror film scores. Bronnt Industries Kapital will channel his darkest thoughts through a possessed synthesiser.

And then... Suspiria. Dario Argento's audacious shocker sits somewhere between arthouse and slaughterhouse. A young American ballet student comes to a German dance academy plagued by mysterious disappearances and gruesome murders. The brand new high-definition transfer from Nouveaux Pictures shows Argento’s original vision in all its shrill beauty.
Plus DJs in the bar and a few unexpected surprises.

In the Cube no one can hear you scream.

www.myspace.com/whydoesmygoochitchsobad & www.myspace.com/bronnt