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Quack, Quack + Nitkowski + Aye Aye

Sat 26 June 2010 // 19:30

(Sat 26th / 7.30pm / £6/5 advance)

Can you say Kraut? Working their way around a melody then a groove, then a melody again these three Leeds boys (featuring members of Bilge Pump), in absorbing and acknowledging everything from dub, jazz, funk, and electronic music, subvert all tidy enclosures of prog-this or post-that and début album Slow as an Eyeball sure does rock with a capital K.

Nitkowski are a hard bunch to pin down. We say Math-Jazz two guitar, nae bass assault with Post-Rocky breakdowns. Rock Sound say: "Spiderweave atonal guitar licks and virtuoso drum rolls within fluid time signatures". Band says: "definitely not noise or Jazz". Make your own mind up.

With aye aye too.

Tunes in bar 'til late from DJ Poughkeepsie Megasailor.