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Cubo Latin Film Festival Presents: 16 Memorias

Sun 2 May 2010 // 18:00

(Sun 2nd May / 6pm / £4/3)
(Camilo Botero / 2009 / Colombia / 53 minutes)

“16 memories”, which was filmed between 1945 and 1971, tells the history of the Posada - Saldarriaga family, who lived in Medellin (Colombia) and grew up in the euphoria of industrialisation, trips to Miami, pork’s barbecue parties and balloons.
Twenty five years of almost uninterruptedly filmed every day life, that were at risk of being lost in an old house, give us the scarce opportunity to see our childhood as if it was the first time; to recover the accomplice smile of our brother when we conquered Kingdoms which nobody else saw, and to feel how powerful we were every time we received our parents applauses.