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Cubo Latin Film Fest Presents Madeinusa

Thu 29 April 2010 // 21:15

(Thu 29th / 9.30pm / £4/3)
(Claudia Llosa / Peru / 2006 / 100 minutes / unrated)

Madeinusa is a girl who lives in a lost forgotten village, Manayaycuna (village that nobody can enter), located on a Peruvian mountain range. This strange place is renowned for one of its religious features: from Good Friday onwards, at three o’clock in the afternoon, when Christ was crucified, until the Sunday of his resurrection, the entire village can do whatever they want. Sin does not exist during these holy days, because God is dead; he cannot see them. Everything and anything goes, without remorse.

Madeinusa, her sister, Chale, and her father, Don Cayo, the village mayor and bigshot, preserve this tradition without hesitation. But everything changes with the arrival of Salvador, a young man from Lima who has to remain in the village for the three days of the Holy Week, the time when God cannot see.