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Cubo Latin Film Fest Mexican Retro Extravaganza (santo!)

Fri 30 April 2010 // 19:00

El Santo vs. the She-Wolves
(Fri 30th / 7.30pm / Double bill £5 [£4 dressed up])
(Rubén Galindo and Jaime Jiménez Pons / 1972 / Mexico/ 85 minutes)

El Santo at the Wax Museum
(Fri 30th / 9.30pm / Double bill £5 [£4 dressed up])
(Alfonso Corona Blake and Manuel San Fernando/ 1963 / Mexico / 92 minutes)
Mexican TVs wrestling superstar and cultural icon of silver wrestling mask fame, El Santo (The Saint) stars in these 2 classic horror fantasy adventures. El Santo (Rodolfo Guzmán Huerta) started out as a real life Mexican luchador enmascarado (professional wrestler) who took his wrestling character on to star in 52 films made for TV and became a comic book and legendary matinee hero.
First up he takes on the She-Wolves... Santo gets bitten and must battle the king of the lycanthropes and his army of warrior wolf women (he does not actually wrestle the women) to save humanity and himself as he will turn werewolf at the next moon!

Then Mexico's best-loved wrestler unearths a demonic plot at a wax museum. Slam dunks, arm locks and high kicks as Santo fights his way through the dodgy wax figures to save the girl and take on the evil mad Dr Karol.