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Four Lions

Tue 22 June 2010 // 19:00
Tue 22 June 2010 // 21:00
Wed 23 June 2010 // 19:00
Wed 23 June 2010 // 21:00

Sun 20th - Thurs 24th 8pm/ Wed 23rd 11am (babycinema)/ £4/£3/£2 (babycinema/ttt) Christopher Morris/UK/2009/Cert: 15

It was somehow always hard to imagine how Chris Morris' jihadi comedy would play out in the real world. A certain amount of bluster and tabloid outrage has always accompanied the most revered of Morris’ projects, and the idea that anyone would dare to mock our carefully procured fear of being blown up at any given minute apparently caused most potential investors to run for the hills. But the perhaps surprising news is that Morris has pulled it off in a way you never quite dared to imagine. By emphasising the failure, confusion and doubt inherent in such extreme actions, he brings us a surprisingly warm comedy of the absurd that could conceivably even be enjoyed by lovers of slapstick farce if they can handle the (literally) explosive premise. Which is not to say however that you don't get a plentiful dose of his trademark uneasy tension between laughter and horror.

A bold sideways move that highlights an unexpected side to perhaps the most influential and inspired satirists of our generation.