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Viking Night Screening Valhalla Rising

Fri 28 May 2010 // 20:00

(Fri 28th May / 8pm / £4/3 concession if dressed Viking style)
(Nicolas Winding Refn / Denmark/UK / 2009 / 100 minutes / Denmark and UK)
Viking Night at your favourite microplex.

Get dressed up as your favourite Viking - Vicky, Canute or Kirk Douglas. Yes. We will be sitting at the mighty feet of Odin and setting our metaphoric longboats adrift together to watch a new and terrible film offering VALHALLA RISING.

Nicolas Winding Refn's (Bronson, the Pusher trilogy) seventh film is a raw and bloody Viking tale. Forget the romantic fluttering eyelashes of Morgana, Refn brings intimate and bleak brutality to the Viking myth. But there is also a lyrical hypnotic approach to the storytelling and editing that takes its cues not just from the film's mute lead character but from the harsh and beautiful landscapes of the Scottish highlands that it explores. The violence of life is set within a dreamlike world of the central character and the environment.
Mads Mikkelsen stars as One Eye, a mute brute of a man enslaved and kept in a cage, brought out only to fight in brutal to-the-death unarmed combat for the entertainment and amusement of his masters. As the Viking community converts to Christianity One Eye manages to make his escape and join the Viking crusaders.

Vikings, mead, cage fighting... sounds like a Saturday night film at the Cube. Yarg. bring your own runestones