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Bad Lieutenant - Port Of Call: New Orleans

Tue 8 June 2010 // 20:00 *
Wed 9 June 2010 // 20:00
Thu 10 June 2010 // 20:00

Tues 8th-weds10th June £4/3/£2 TTT
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans

Werner Herzog/2009/ USA/ cert 18

It is Herzog in the city and its a black comedy. Herzog said that cinema “comes from the knees and thighs,” but for Nicolas Cage in the nonremake Bad
Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, performance comes from the shoulders. Hunched over by chronic back pain, Cage’s crooked cop Terence McDonagh hauls himself by crack-fueled force of will through a nearly deserted New Orleans in pursuit of his own brand of rough justice. Also starring Eva Mendes and Val Kilmer.