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20th Century Cube Presents Marnie Together With Cubebites Hold Me While I'm Naked (george Kuchar)

Thu 6 May 2010 // 20:00

(Thu 6th / 8pm / £4/£3)
(Alfred Hitchcock / 1964 / USA / 130 minutes / certificate 15)

Hitchcock called Marnie a "suspense sex mystery." This is a rare chance to see his lesser seen challenging classic on the big screen. Marnie, Tippi Hedren, (The Birds) is a kleptomaniac, drifting from identity to identity as she takes jobs, cleans out the safe and moves on. She meets her match when she is hired by the dashing Mark Rutland (Sean Connery before his Bond-age). Mark falls for her and after finding out about her problem behaviour, hopes to help her rather than run. A mature film, tackling the psychological damage and consequential impact on a personality after traumatic experiences and facing demons...
Look out for the Hitchcock cameo.

This film will be screened with the cult short Hold me When Im Naked (1966, George Kushar, USA, 15 mins). As a typically Kushar styled "theatricalisation of experience", this is a micro-budget fusion of mock-Hollywood and avant-garde styles.