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Minotaur Shock + Golden Disko Ship + Gilbert & Snowdrop

Fri 4 June 2010 // 19:30

(Fri 4th June / 7.30 pm / £6/5 advance)

Minotaur Shock is the alter ego of Bristol’s very own cheekier, gentler Aphex Twin; Dave Edwards or, as NME put it "Think: Boards Of Canada. And then think of something far more beautiful". Initially hailed as a forerunner of the short-lived ‘Folktronica’ scene, first album Chiff Chaff’s & Willow Warblers is one of the best albums ever made – sorry, it’s a fact; look it up - while new album Amateur Dramatics is made available online by 4AD. This live set should be a lovely, toasty Joy.

Golden Disko Ship plays in a similar vein to that of Minotaur Shock in that you could call it Folktronica but then you could think up something much more inventive yourself, like, ‘Beautiful and insane; Like an autistic child left alone in a cave with a book on fairies, a camp fire, a woolly jumper and some toy instruments’.

Support comes from Gilbert & Snowdrop

Divorced Salesman’s Polka Club DJ’s in the bar ‘til late.