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Singing Knives All-dayer: Featuring Pekko Kappi, Ross Parfitt, The Hunter Gracchus, Chora, Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides And Le Drapeau Noir

Sat 12 June 2010 // 15:30

(16.00 Saturday 12th June, £5 adv. £6 door)

For the first time outside of Sheffield the Singing Knives storm will gather at the Cube on Saturday 12th June 2010. Described as 'that wonderful thing, a personal aid, searching the planet for essential noises' by Foxy Digitalis magazine', featured in a six page article in a recent issue of The Wire magazine which described the label as ‘a rallying point for musicians with a similar commitment to what they see as a radical tradition of Northern English folk art’. Essentially this is a label exploring and challenging all notions and accepted conventions on what improvised electro-acoustic music is supposed to be and do.

Featuring most of the UK based artists associated with this great label plus the fantastic Pekko Kappi of Finland this will be an event not to be missed.
The day will start with Ross Parfitt, a Sheffield based musician, dedicated to exploring minimal compositional devices to maximal conclusions.

Next will be The Hunter Gracchus, a Sheffield trio playing what has been described as 'fourth world trance music using percussion, strings, small instruments and crude folk melodies with the kind of abstruse post-punk strategies of ensembles like The No-Neck Blues Band.’

They will be followed by London-based Chora, who began their career as freeform, instrument-swapping sound hunters in Sheffield since when they have expanded with amongst others the addition of Ben Nash and developed the kind of nerve and telepathic interplay of true non-academic improvisers.

Next up will be the critically acclaimed Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides of Lyon and Manchester, a flute and drums duo that is 'jazz in terms of the organisational hierarchy that it’s filtered through, psychedelic in that it’s keyed to an unusual feel for time and space, and punk in that it refuses any previous mode of getting there.'

Then Pekko Kappi, the Finnish player of the Jouhikko (the ancient
Finnish-Karelian bowed lyre) will take the stage. With a recent lp out on Singing Knives described by Foxy Digitalis as ‘a full-on, fucked-up, inspired, deeply innovative record with its teeth firmly in noise, sound-sculpture, improvisation and great song writing ... Kappi fuses a vast array of recording techniques with a love of the traditional, in full awareness of the avant garde’.
To end the night many, if not all, of the above players will be collaborating for a rare performance by Le Drapeau Noir, 'a dream collaboration project comprised from members of The Hunter Gracchus, Chora and Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides, they seem to have inspired a sound of a displaced Europe fighting to escape the banality of recycled postmodernism’ with a fantasic lp on Chironex, the French label responsible for last year's Hunter Gracchus and Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides lps and this year's Chora lp, ‘carrying the European improvisation-on-wax torch high and filling a gaping chasm left by the departure of Italy’s Qbico Records'.

Between each set will be the films of Syed Kamran Ali’s much lauded Harappian Night Recordings project and also the fantastic modern day ethnomusicologist and visual archivist Architects of Harmonic Rooms of Leeds. There will be exclusive films for this event from both.



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