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Haiti Kids Kino Project Fundraiser - The Hurt Locker

Tue 13 April 2010 // 20:00

(Tue 13th / 8pm / £4 only)
(Kathryn Bigelow / 2009 / USA / 131 minutes / cert 15)

Will James (Jeremy Renner) is a fearless bomb disposal expert whose cavalier style upsets colleagues Sandborne (Anthony Mackie) and Eldritch (Brian Geraghty). All are counting the days of the tour.
Initially, James wins over Sandborne and Eldritch through his acts of bravery, but after just two weeks of stress, they are seriously considering
“accidentally” killing him. Will James is a credible flawed hero and he draws us in quickly whilst the reality of the situation is electric in its unpredictability.
The Hurt Locker, picking up 6 BAFTAs, is a welcome return from acclaimed director Kathryn Bigelow (The Weight of Water, Point Break), and is based on a sharp script by Mark Boal, a journalist who was attached to a bomb squad in postwar Iraq.

This screening is a fundraiser for Haiti Kids Kino Project.
Organised by the Cube Cinema's childrens wing, Nanoplex, The HAITI KIDS KINO PROJECT will screen films for Haitian children, while providing workshops and equipment for them to make their own films.

Our first team went out to the Dominican Republic on the 1st of March, and are projecting and making films with Haitian children, collaborating with Haitian organisation, 'Cinema Under The Stars' - touring the country with Haitian film projectionists and film makers.

All evening: cake stall & raffle (win an afternoon with your friends and your favourite film at the Cube).

For more information about the project and how to donate visit