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The Headless Woman Together With Cubebites

Sun 18 April 2010 // 20:00 (cancelled)
Mon 19 April 2010 // 20:00

(Sun 18th, Mon 19th, Weds 21st, Thurs 22nd / 8pm / £4/3/2 TTT)
(Lucrecia Martel / 87 minutes / Argentina / cert. 12A)

A haunting drama from Lucretia Martel co-produced by Pedro and Agustín ­Almodóvar. This is part mystery and part psychological portrait. A wealthy attractive middle-aged woman Veronica (María Onetto) is involved in a car accident. We follow her concussed and confused state of semi-consciousness as she walks away from the accident and back to her everyday life. Her struggles with the consequences and guilt of what happened are disturbing real and intense for the viewer. We get a hint of complications of her family life but little is explained and intrigues remain. A dreamlike ghostly film at times challenging confusing but quite provocative.

We will be screening 20 minutes of CubeBites shorts before the screening. We don't have commercial trailers at the Cube as we are independent but we are sourcing interesting shorts which will hopefully add something to your cinema experience with us!