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She, A Chinese

Wed 14 April 2010 // 20:00
Thu 15 April 2010 // 20:00

(Weds 14th, Thurs 15th April / £4/3/2 [Babycinema])
(Xiaolu Guo / 103 minutes / Mandarin with subtitles / English / cert 18)
She, A Chinese is the character study of Li Mei (Lu Huang) as a young bored teenage girl trapped in a life in her provincial Chinese village. A series of events starts her on a journey to the city where she falls on her luck that ends with getting together with local gangster Spikey (Wei Yi Bo). He meets a sticky end as gangster's generally do, and we follow Li to London to start a new life. The title of the film is a statement of its intentions to track the successive exploitations of the central character but her performance and optimism with the the excellent script has an impressively naturalistic feel about it and there are some surprising and quirky elements.