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Ora Cogan Don Bear Diamond Family Archive And Triple Rosie

Sat 29 May 2010 // 19:30

(Sat 29th May / 7.30pm / £6/5)

Tinged with the ghostly grace of an old 78, Ora Cogan’s songs seem to come from a turn of the century imagined with all the heartbreak and pathos of a Polish Brother’s movie. These songs are truly from another time indeed; Ora’s high, haunting melodic voice always leading the way, telling the story even if you can’t understand the words. This is melancholy, dark and haunting stuff that sticks with you. And have you even heard her version of Motherless Child? For fans of Be Good Tanya’s, Jolie Holland, etc.

Trance-like and intimate, folk songs for darker hearts; As The Diamond Family Archive, Berlin-based Laurence Collyer sings songs seemingly lost on hope but how can hope be lost when songs sound this beautiful? Is this what happens to the Englishman holed away in Germany? Prepare to be amazed.

O, you little beasts. Darkest of hearts in an already dark set of cards; Don Bear: Donnest of all Bears, play some melange of folk, noise & clanky
Einsturzande scariness whilst retaining some great melodies. Sing along kids!
A glimmer of light in a darkened room; Hailing from London Triple Rosie are on tour with Ora Cogan and seem to be doing the Belle and Sebastian art student thing with an Americana-style edge. Poppy and joyful - Will Triple Rosie come to save our souls?