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El Kino Up Your Ears

Sat 10 April 2010 // 19:30

Hallucinating High Energy Noise Cinema

(Sat 10th / 7:30 pm doors, acts on at 8:30 / £6)

MetalkinG is a concentrated and intense affair. Using the barest essentials, a bass guitar and a load of electronics junk Bronson improvises fast and loud Japanoise. Riojims work methods are as crudely effective as Bronsons, applying severe treatments to the projector and manipulating distress into the home-made optical sound-on-film.

Found footage processing (loops, superimposition, chemical manipulations?) which all come out of a very intricate lab work combined with a strong live element the outcome is devoted to a genuine real time collaboration with the musician (no easy soundtrack to a finished film).

see http://vimeo.com/9268166
also in support:

Visual artist Rod Maclachlan and sound Artist Vi. Further explorations of thermally distorted images and the extremities of human audio comprehension.
Also a special presentation of the Cube 'AS' instrument by way of 2 visual and sonic operators manipulating the projection and picture devices and various machines in this process towards a living, breathing, pulsing cinema space!