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Behind The Red Curtain - A David Lynch Soiree

Sat 6 February 2010 // 20:00

(Sat 6th / 8pm / £3)

Hey, have you heard of this David Lynch guy? Apparently he makes good films and TV shows. So, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the death of Laura Palmer we'll be showing some super rare stuff, either by Lynch or about lynch. So, whether you are merely curious about the work of this living legend or consider yourself a seasoned aficionado come on down to the Cube and there will be something to pique your interest. Dress as your favourite Twin Peaks character, grab a slice of cherry pie sent from heaven and coffee as black as midnight on a moonless night, swap trivia and challenge theories in the bar while DJ Dale Cooper provides some suitably Lynchian sounds. Wow Bob Wow! Free entry to anyone who can explain just what the hell Inland Empire is all about.