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A La Muerte + Bleeding Heart Narrative + Silver Stairs Of Ketchakin + Alexander Thomas

Sat 3 April 2010 // 19:30

(Sat 3rd April / 7.30pm / £6/5)

Ala Muerte is essentially Bianca Bibiloni from New York City favouring a minimal folk style augmented by dark, psychedelic sounds and vaguely dissonant noise and field recordings; the result sounds like a sixties folk singer playing in a field as cities burn behind her. Her beautiful yet amorphous singing owes a lot to the ethereal styles of Belinda Butcher and Liz Frasier, and her playing references not only pure sixties folk but the hypnotically repetitive style of mid-period Swans, not forgetting contemporaries such as Grouper and Inca Ore.
Using vocal loops & cello; evoking Gregorian chants and 60's girl groups with a smattering of post-rock & Motown soul, its hard to pin-down Broken Heart narrative but this is music that has that rare quality of being hauntingly melancholy yet upbeat and life-affirming at the same time.

Charlie Romjin usually performs as one third of Bristol's own Thought Forms but tonight will be doing the solo jig as Silver Stairs of Ketchikan. Sometimes a low brooding menace, sometimes the thought of your last thought of the last second of your life a long time away in a beautiful future unknown to you.
Something approaching a very soundtrack of Heaven is what Alexander Thomas conjures up. Through the use of his Theramin, loop pedals and found sounds Mr Thomas manages to evoke that very Summerland that Emmanuel Swedenborg first discovered.

Join us for a party in the bar afterwards with music from DJ Grumpy Coin Collector.