Kelley Stoltz + Mario Vendredi

Thu 7 April 2005 // 20:00

A Qu Junktion
(Thurs 7th / 8pm / £5)

Fuggin' hell...KELLEY plays some warped multi-layered beat songs with fuzz guitar, tubas and moogs galore. He is on tour with his full-on band and plans to woo you to bits.

This San Fransican singer-songwriter has a hazy, crazy pop style recalling a folky BECK on whisky, WILCO on mushrooms and the FLAMING LIPS' pyschedelic sound world. Kinda like Ray Davies fronting Guided By Voices. An acoustic, electric, radiophonic thrash can, check Spector-esque wonders by a performer who is gonna be a dog man star. MOJO tipped his album ANTIQUE GLOW (Beautiful Happiness).
MARIO VENDREDI is a pulsating performer, passion with a guitar. A huge, operatic voice that sings in a mixture of Welsh, Italian and English. One of the South West's finest.