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Sons Of Heavy Heads Presents 'the Brothers Of Invention: A Tribute To Zappa And Hendrix'

Thu 18 February 2010 // 20:00

(Thu 18th / 8pm / £4/3)

Frank Vincent Zappa and James Marshall Hendrix need no introduction. They are true colossi of creation that stomped the terra, converting people to the religion of rock left, right and centre whilst riffing unto Kingdom Come as they rode. Being honest disciples at Thee Temple Of Riff Worship, the Heavy Heads Collective Cult were duty bound to enquire as to their availability to preach on the Gospel of Guitar at the CUBE in Bristol but were informed by agents of our good LORD that Messrs Zappa and Hendrix are otherwise occupied these days as players in the Heavenly Orchestra of Absolute Rock Bliss. But be bummed ye not! We have assembled the very best musicians and reportage from thee good ol’ days to bring you a tribute that channels the very essence of these prophets of profound rock power. Yea, they may be gone but we sure as hell aren’t. Yet. So be there at the appointed time and date and if you can't make it throw down shapes in celebration of their creation elsewhere.