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Stone Throwing Competition 2010

Sat 23 January 2010 // 12:00

The art of the emptying hand.

(Sat 23 rd / 12 pm / free)
Sand bay (weston sur le mer), Somerset, England.

Pit your stone throwing skills against the best in the world in soon to be Olympic sport.

Competitors will be judged on accuracy, power and style when throwing stones at a variety or targets at a variety of distances.

There will also be a trick shot session, which include throwing round corners, the long shot and 'bring the rain' – stone throwing over cliffs.
Smashing things up is fun! Especially with stones!

Meet at the junction Birkett\Kewstone Road.

Throwing thoughts:

We can imagine an early human picking up a rock, examining it, and throwing it. The rock thuds against a tree, the creature ambles up to and sees a small hole in the bark, looking back to where they were they realise that, at a distance, they can overcome space, time, gravity and in that moment of realisation the whole future of humankind is decided. (NASA smashed up the moon by throwing a rocket at it in 2009.) Nothing quite betters the feeling of achieving the impossible glory of the long shot. It is possible to achieve ecstasy from this meditative and spectacular practice.