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Bristol Indymedia Presents: The Gleaners And I

Mon 7 June 2010 // 20:00

7th June 7.45pm / £4/£3 (but nobody refused for lack of funds)

Who are the Gleaners? in the past they were those who gleaned the food that was left after the harvest. Agnes Varda's classic film looks at those people who now glean on the margins of Capitalism. The film tracks a series of gleaners as they hunt for food, knicknacks, and personal connection. Varda travels French countryside and city to find and film not only field gleaners, but also urban gleaners and those connected to gleaners, including a wealthy restaurant owner whose ancestors were gleaners. The film spends time capturing the many aspects of gleaning and the many people who glean to survive. One such person is the teacher named Alain, an urban gleaner with a master's degree who teaches French to immigrants. Varda's other subjects include artists who incorporate recycled materials into their work, symbols she discovers during her filming (including a clock without hands and a heart- shaped potato), and the French law regarding gleaning. Come watch this interesting film about those who live on the margins and seek to live a different life, a very relevant film for people today.