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Alessis Ark + Rachael Dadd + Adelaides Cape

Fri 12 February 2010 // 19:30

(Fri 12th / 7.30 pm / £6 advance, £7 on door)

Tonight The Cube presents an evening of lovely, pastoral yet altogether modern folk from two female songwriters who, between them have released self recorded albums with handmade sleeves and have played everywhere from a small English Church to a gallery in Japan, a bookshop in France and a basement in London.
First up is 19 year old Alessi Laurent-Marke who fronts a wildly irreverent cadre of musicians as Alessi’s Ark. Being entirely otherworldly; naive yet original, Alessi possesses a voice which is clearly indebted to a certain Ms Newsom yet with it she brings an eccentrically British lyrical style and pronunciation befit with bird-like warbles and coos. Her songwriting is distinctly melancholy but upbeat; Definitively British, yet caught somewhere between the late 70’s California scene and early 90’s bedroom pop. Alessi’s beautiful début album, Notes From The Treehouse, was released in May 2009,
There is something so out of time about Rachael Dadd’s music. Somehow 1970’s and 1870’s at once as if caught by accident in a field on a tape recorder while people are wandering and weaving and talking through it and round it yet the music is always there, appreciated, and the tune comes through, carried on the wave of Rachael’s beautiful voice, Like a slowly babbling brook running through woodland. Tonight we’ll be lucky enough to hear Rachael playing songs from her new album Moth In The Radiator which She entirely composed and played on piano.

Support comes from Adelaide’s Cape. Made up of Duo Sam Taylor and Hannah Richardson, they have recently been described as “Mystical Post-Folk” by Outline Magazine which sounds nice.