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Afternoon Screening - Love Exposure

Sun 3 January 2010 // 15:00

Sat 2nd Sun 3rd Mon 4th January/ 8pm/ £4/£3
Love Exposure
Sion Sono/ 2008/ Japan/ 237 mins / subtitled

Yes it really is nearly 4 hours - an epic black comedy relating themes of sex and religion and the normalisation of perversions and fetishisms. When a young mother dies and her widowed husband becomes a catholic priest, the son is encouraged to live out his father's fantasy sins. He joins a gang on the wrong side of the tracks who go to work for a pornographer who instructs them in various martial arts... It's a strange, alternately involving and distancing, funny and interesting watch. And January nights are long and cold so join us in the warm velvetine cozy cube for an acclaimed film hot off the trail from the film festivals...