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Midnight Movie Presents Brazil

Fri 15 January 2010 // 23:55

(Fri 15th / Midnight / £4/3)
(Terry Gilliam / 1985 / UK / 132 minutes / Cert: 15)

Written in collaboration with Charles McKeown and Tom Stoppard, Terry Gilliam’s typically fantastical vision of a totalitarian society is actually a comedy, albeit a darkly surreal one.

In a dystopian retro-styled future, daydreaming desk clerk Sam Lowry (Jonathan Pryce) seeks to escape a Kafkaesque nightmare where bureaucracy is rife and dysfunctional technology is out of control. Along the way, he encounters amongst others, a renegade repairman, an over-zealous friend, and the elusive woman of his dreams.

Featuring a database state, hooded abductions, a questionable war on terror, the distractions of inane consumerism, and some ill-advised cosmetic surgery, ‘Brazil’ now seems highly pertinent…

With an all-star supporting cast (including Robert De Niro), a sharp and funny script, and Gilliam’s wildly imaginative visuals, ‘Brazil’ is an incisive and darkly humorous satire.