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Zuleika Ziegfeld's Cabaret Presents...

Fri 22 January 2010 // 20:00

(Fri 22nd / 8pm / £4 or £3 [concessions/Equity members])

After December's Cabaret Ziegfeld and Paradise hope you will be roused from a post-party dormancy to spend a cosy night at the Cube watching a talkie.
The film will be inspiring highlight of the Vaudeville and Cabaret world. We'd like this evening to be an opportunity to meet and mingle with any interested performers or people putting on complimentary nights.

But we want to provide a relaxing evening where you can get lost in a Busby Berkeley-esque world, so if you just want to come and enjoy the spectacle quietly please do!

There won't be any live performances on stage but we hope to open with short films, showcase some 'walkabout' acts before and after and have a little soft shoe shuffle afterwards!

(If you would like to submit a short film or walkabout act, please contact cabaret@sparror.cubecinema.com)