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Wed 27 January 2010 // 20:00

(Wed 27th / 8pm / £3/2)

Bluescreen is Back! And we want your short films to screen for the first session of 2010.

So BRING films down on the night - 20mins or under - be they Low budget, No budget, Mini featured dramas, Animations, Music promos, Skate vids,
Experimental, whatever shorts! And see them up on the Cubes Big Blue Screen, simple as that!

Not got a film? Come along anyway and be inspired!

Kicking off most Bluescreens now, the CUBE’s very own in-house ORCHESTRA will be re-scoring archived bluescreen Films.

Then YOUR Films! Bring DVDs, Mini DVs etc.

And dont forget the Bluescreen Hi-Fi DJ's, who will be spinning old and new tunes in the bar.

Bluescreen has been screening films since 2001 and is Bristols longest running independent OPEN screen Film event, so come down to the Cube and check out the best of Bristols Filmmaking!

Psst... Februarys Bluescreen is a special Sweded event, intrigued? See our myspace site for details!

FFI: bluescreen@sparror.cubecinema.com