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Atari Video Cube With Micro Rave Level 2010: Space Rescue

Thu 31 December 2009 // 20:00

(Thu 31st / 8 ‘til late / £5 on loading / Dress: to kick ass)

Hey kids, Kev Flynn here, or maybe you know me as Clu. I'm super-psyched to tell you about the party I’m throwin’ down this New Year's Eve at the Cube
Microprocessor-plex in ol’ Bristol town.

It’s gonna be wild... We’ll be teleporting back to my primo daze of arcade super moves. Gettin’ all Galaxian and bopping back to that future that never quite happened, where ‘futuristic’ meant blocks of colour and blips, Rob Hubbard ruled the airwaves, and the average pixel count was lower than your IQ.

So come on down dudes, we’ve got Braindancing in the bar, VHS guess,
8-bit performances, and 2-bit costumes with our Micro Rave chums at the helm. So... style your power name, and your power move, and come fight to rescue Antoni Maoivvi and free the Italo Disco Machine at midnight. Be there in plenty of time to participate in the mighty trials, join the rescue team, and earn powers for the big fight as 2010 looms in the near distance.

An ENCOM production.