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Lucky Dip - Gifts Of The Lost And Lesser Known Present: Psychedelic Sixties Chelsea Houseboat Double Bill

Fri 27 November 2009 // 20:00

(Fri 27th / 8pm / £5)

A groovy double bill of rarely seen late sixties swinging London era oddities.
I’ll Never Forget What’s Isname
(1968 – Michael Winner – 97 Mins – Cert X)

If the name Michael Winner conjures up images of a slightly portly food critic entertaining bikini-clad nubiles on a yacht, fear not. Once upon a time Mr Winner looked set to become one of our most celebrated directors, and here’s a prime example of him at his most entertaining and rambunctious, as he brings to life the marvellously successful Andrew Quint, a young man quite determined to leave the high life behind him.

With a fabulous cast of sixties British staples, including Oliver Reed, Carol White, Marianne Faithfull, and even an appearance from Orson Welles, I’ll Never Forget What’s Isname is a glorious romp gone wrong with 60s London’s disaffected youth.

Goodbye Gemini
(1970 – Alan Gibson – 89 mins – Cert X)

Our second smashing offering is the beautifully bonkers Goodbye Gemini, which promises more than a twist of the ‘innocents in London’ archetype when twins Julian and Jackie arrive in the capital, and then smartly manage to kill their new landlady. With a teddy bear.

Swinging parties, libidinous lechs, intoxication and blackmail – the twins see it all. And so will you.