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Encounters Jack Stevenson Presents: Obsextion -six Contemplations Of Carnal Desire From The Underground

Fri 20 November 2009 // 20:00

Fri 20th/ 8pm/ £5/4

Ravage your senses by joining us for an eclectic rag-bag of shorts from the American underground, all linked by the juicy topic of sexual obsession. The programme offers a raw, intense, personal, stylish and hallucinogenic experience through a series of varying films detached from any identifiable trend or genre, between the sixties and the present day.

The show begins in a contemplative vein, with the personal engagement of the gloriously low-tech ‘Behind Every Good Man’ (1966), and the hypnotic obsession of ‘Swelter in Vogue’ (1991). It then turns to the hilarious with the retro stylings and suburban sexual malaise of ‘Swinger’s Serenade’ (1999). Before offering a more intensely experimental take on sexual themes with ‘Bump and Grind’ (2006) putting the peepshow booth experience through a psychic grinder, and Martha Colburn assaulting us with the mutant freneticism of her hand-made animation in ‘Lift-off’ (1999) and ‘Spiders in Love’ (2000). This is truly a programme to excite, provoke, challenge, entertain and surprise.