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John Butcher/dominic Lash/john Russell

Wed 10 March 2010 // 20:00

with support from Matt Nolan and Dan Bennett

(Wed 10th / 8pm / £6/5 advance)

The Cube Microplex welcomes back the increasingly in-demand bassist Dominic Lash who stunned audiences last October with the remarkable quartet which featured Tony Bevan, Tony Buck and Joe Morris.
This time he returns to the stage with two more improvising legends, John Butcher (Saxophone) and John Russell (Steel Amplified Guitar), both are among the UK's most internationally respected and innovative musicians.
Between them they have worked with everybody from Derek Bailey and Evan Parker to Tony Conrad. They combine intense investigations of their instruments' possibilities with delicately poised interplay. All three players push the possibilities of acoustic instruments to their limits, sometimes resulting in sounds of an almost electronic quality. With three hands on the tiller changes of direction can happen at any moment, keeping alive improvised music as the sound of surprise.

For more information and video clips of this trio performing please go to http://www.studio282.com/dl/butcherlashrussell

Individual Biographies

John Butcher
("The best saxophone player in the world." - Andy Moor, The Wire, June 2009) John Butcher was born in Brighton and has lived in London since the late 1970s. He began playing the saxophone while studying physics at university. Since leaving academia to focus completely on music, he has developed his own style that embraces free improvisation and electronics, often distorting his sound until it is unrecognisable in the traditional sense. Over the years, Butcher has worked with musicians including Chris Burn, Derek Bailey and Phil Minton, as well as with John Stevens in what was the final version of the Spontaneous Music Ensemble. His recent Octet composition, Somethingtobesaid, was commissioned by the Huddersfield Festival, broadcast by BBC Radio 3 and released on his own label, Weight of Wax.

John Russell
Radical improvising guitarist John Russell has, since around 1977, concentrated exclusively on acoustic guitars ("Every sound from his steel-amplified guitar thus feels as if it is perceived in stark close-up" - One Final Note). He organises the monthly Mopomoso concerts - the longest running series on the London improvising scene. His current groups include trios with Evan Parker & John Edwards, and with Michel Doneda & Roger Turner. Russell and Butcher have a playing relationship that has lasted a quarter of a century - including duo concerts, a highly regarded trio with Phil Durrant, and larger groups. http://www.efi.group.shef.ac.uk/musician/mrussell.html

Dominic Lash
Bassist Dominic Lash ("endless efforts to veer left of every known note or chord" - Newcastle Journal) was born in Cambridge in 1980 and has since 2001 been part of the improvisational scenes in London and Oxford, where he is based. His regular collaborators include Tony Bevan, Pat Thomas, Philipp Wachsmann and Alex Ward. He is a member of The Convergence Quartet with Taylor Ho Bynum, Harris Eisenstadt and Alexander Hawkins, and also performs from time to time with Tony Conrad, Evan Parker and Steve Reid.

Matt Nolan and Dan Bennett
Dan Bennett (Hunting Lodge, Totton Glass) plays guitar through a living, breathing organism of effects pedals to create the most amazing and unexpected atmospheres and soundscapes. Matt Nolan (The Birdman, The Baron & The Bat) plays his own hand-forged cymbals, gongs and other metal sound sculptures with sticks, mallets, bows, chains,...