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Orchestra Cube: Improvisation Workshop Led By Peter Swaffer Reynolds

Wed 26 August 2009 // 19:00

In a change of tack to our normal rehearsal structure, Peter Swaffer Reynolds (conductor from the founding days of the Cube Orchestra) returns to join us this week (in our later and extended slot) to run an improvisation workshop. You'll note the lack of the word "Jazz" in the last sentence - not that we've got anything against Jazz, but improvisation covers a much broader scope and is accessible to all.. you won't be expected to know your lydian modes or tritone substitutions, though if you do, well that could be interesting too.

Musicians and non-musicians of all standards and backgrounds are welcome. If that sounds scary then come anyway. If you haven't played your instrument for years or you don't think you're very good, rummage it out and come anyway. If you think this isn't for you, you're wrong, come anyway. Bring your instrument, your voice, your noise machines, pots and pans and any ideas you have for Orchestra Cube. It's GREAT skate!

Orchestra cube is a melting pot of musical styles, abilities and ideas. Come along and add your own to the ever-changing mix. The only requirement is a willingness to experiment.

To take part please email orchestra@orchestra.cubecinema.com