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Audible Fields; Binaural Night Featuring Dallas Simpson And Phill Harding

Sun 22 November 2009 // 20:00

SUN 22 NOV, 8pm
£4 / £5

A special edition of audible fields devoted to the three dimensional world of Binaural sound: 108 headphone inputs will be installed into the Cube auditorium, for one night only. Allowing invited artists to fully control the spatial perception of each listener. Featuring field recordings, films and live performances from Dallas Simpson and Phill Harding.

Please bring your own set of stereo headphones.

Binaural is a term used to describe the method of recording sound using tiny microphones placed inside the ears or mounted onto the side of a dummy’s head. When the recording is played back through headphones, the result provides the listener with a realistic representation of the space the sounds were original captured in.

This event is part of the All Around You season of sound art events heard during the autumn season in and around Bristol.

For information please see below.


Dallas Simpson has spent over 10 years involved with recording and performing binaural soundworks. The subject of each recording varies from natural surroundings, to artificial environments. In addition to recording these soundscapes, Dallas Simpson also performs these compositions live. A number of samples of his work are available for download from his website.

Phill Harding is a freelance composer/sound artist based in the Pennine Hills of West Yorkshire, England. much of Phill’s current work involves the use of environmental field recordings—focusing on the sounds we usually ignore or filter out—to point out the beauty in the mundane.