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The Last Babacus Premiere

Sun 18 October 2009 // 19:30

(Sun 18th / 7.30 pm / £4)
(David Buchanan and Rob Handy / UK / 2009 / 80 minutes)

A lot of people hate musicals. “God, I hate musicals,” you hear them whinge. “They’re so unrealistic.” Damn right, they’re unrealistic! And so is The Last Babacus. It’s chock-full of characters spontaneously bursting into song, and expressing their feelings via the medium of dance.

Shot in the Mendips, on a budget so low that it’s practically a swede of itself, The Last Babacus has it all: mystery and monsters, goodies and baddies, friendship and love, cake, horses, and top tunes.

It’s a homebrewed poptacular fantastiganza. Come to the Cube for the première screening.