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Zuleika Ziegfeld's Cabaret Of Curiosities: Around The World In Cabarets

Sat 26 September 2009 // 20:00

(Sat 26th / 8pm / £8/6)

During the summer Zuleika Ziegfeld and Richie Paradise have been indulging in dare-devil stunts, taking mai-tai retreats, belly-dancing on volcanoes, tap-dancing on glaciers, jiving in Java and searching the globe to find you the very best Cabaret acts on offer.

Having rested, recovered and and shaken Saharan sand out of their sandals, Ziegfeld and Paradise present a Cabaret full of world-wide wonders, Foggean adventure and universal allure. We're happy to welcome back the beautiful Keda Breeze in an new exotic incarnation alongside a melange of toe-curling, knee-shaking and belly-chuckling variety.

Indulge in the ambiance, partake in a Paradise Punch, kick off your shoes and have a sensational time... but be prepared to face scrutiny on the door!
Full line up detailed here:

Early birds, discount tickets are available to you. £6 on the door to a limited number of early arrivals!