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Jack Stevenson Season Midnight Movie - Thundercrack!

Fri 16 October 2009 // 00:00

(Fri 16th / 12 am - arrive on time!)
(Curt McDowell / 1975 / 120 minutes)

Probably the 70’s most unique cult film, a delightfully off-the-cuff
regurgitation of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and OLD DARK HOUSE imbued with the spirit of sexual anarchy rife in 70’s San Francisco. A group of lost travellers become stranded one dark stormy night in an old prairie mansion and get together in various combinations (and positions). Fuelled by Kuchar’s
Tennessee-Williams-on-speed dialogue, this plays as an ode to the dark delights of voyeurism rather than an essay on the attributes of sexual liberation. Marion Eaton steals the show as the drunk widow of the house and George submits an indescribable performance as a gorilla keeper pursued by his charge. The film achieved success on the Midnight movie circuit into the early 80s and survives today as a psycho-sexual artefact from a very different time. A mainstay at London’s late great Scala cinema, Thundercrack! is an absolute must see for any and all fans of exploitation cult weirdness.

The most dialogue you will ever see in porn and the most porn you will ever see in a melodrama, Thundercrack! is a volatile marriage of genres, fluid sexuality and depraved perversion. - D.A. JOHNSTON

“Genuinely erotic and genuinely frightening” - SIGHT & SOUND