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Azalia Snail + Ts Brooks + Annette Berlin + Houdie & The Sea

Sat 3 October 2009 // 19:30

A Lo-Fi or What? presentation

(Sat 3rd / 7.30pm / £5 advance)

American songstress, author and scriptwriter Azalia Snail has been performing music+recording many avant pop albums since the 1980s and has toured with well known acts as Low, The Grifters and Beck. She gained recognition as a pioneering force in the underground  "lo-fi" movement of the early 1990's being heralded "the female Brian Eno". She was also commissioned by MTV to score music for a popular TV show and subsequently scored several independent movie soundtracks. She has released more than a dozen albums; creating music with a uniquely sweet, viscous, noise-inflected, tempo-bending psychedelia. With a smooth surface that rests on layers of voice, keyboard tones, brass and saxophones, a hypnotic quality that results in a deeply realized dreamscape sound. She will be promoting her 1st solo LP in 5 years, "Petal Metal".

Erstwhile Pacific Northwester, T.S. Brooks now resides in Berlin, Germany, bringing his indie-folk sensibilities to new lands, sounding somewhere between Robyn Hitchcock, Richmond Fontaine , Syd Barrett and Micah P Hinson.

Annette Berlin is best known as the dustbin battering vocalist from post-punk noise-squad Big Joan. Now creating solo work that is sultry yet quite rocky with twangsome guitars, her music has been described as 'an unhurried late night walk along the shadowy and very wrong side of the tracks. Listening to this music, you enter a dark world of smokey, sultry, film noir, sounding somewhere between PJ Harvey and Tricky'.

Houdie & the Sea Softly sung female vocalist from Bristol with a DiY ethos for making & recording music, Houdie's sea songs float along on waves of
reverberation with swirly analog copicat loops.
Like Murakami with electric guitars.


MilkyWay DJs will also be playing music in the bar