Limbo And Gerald Tyler And Eyebrow And Dave Perry

Sat 22 August 2009 // 19:30

with DJ Bothwick

(Sat 22nd / 7.30pm / £6 advance)

Qu Junktions presents a night of cinematic loose limbed summer jazz pushed into strange and wonderful shapes. The addition of vocalist/storyteller Gerald Tyler to the Limbo band adds new dimensions to their saturated sound, while the supports from the trumpet/drum duo Eyebrow and Sax man Dave Perry ensure that the music is always fluid. Music, images and spoken world to melt your ears.

A unique collaborative performance, Limbo and Gerald Tyler unravel a landscape of free-jazz madness, dub bass and driving beats, overlaid with Tyler's enigmatic tales, dreams and stories from the depths of his unique imagination. Echoing the sonic explorers of the 70's - Can, Miles Davis, Fela Kuti - Limbo operate in a zone of uncertainty where freedom of expression is everything. The ever- changing line-up is a roll-call of Bristol's musical heavyweights who have been involved with bands including Phantom Limb, Blurt, Blue Aeroplanes, Get The Blessing, Statik Sound System, Spaceways and many more.

Gerald Tyler is a theatre practitioner of huge talent and experience, who has been central to the work of the BAFTA-winning Earthfall Dance Company for many years. In 2006 Limbo collaborated with Gerald to create Big Hands, a 'theatre noir' show that was re-staged in 2007. The Guardian, in a five-star review, called it "an intensely charismatic piece of theatre noir", and "an
extraordinary evening's theatre." In this performance, Limbo and Gerald Tyler will preview material for a new theatre show to be premier in Cardiff later this year.

Eyebrow feature Pete Judge and Paul Wigens. They play with simplicity, repetition, texture and space, treating minimal as a strength. The music, composition, improvisation, acoustic, organic, evolving electronics. The drums, obsessive, warm, resonant, harsh, metallic . The trumpet, loops melodies floating beauty darkness soundscapes shifting stark orchestral.

Dave Perry is an extraordinary musician whose work across the saxophone family has been widely acclaimed. In his solo performances he strips jazz to its essentials, exploring the bare bones and deepest roots of the form, creating an evocative and cinematic soundtrack for a summer's night.

Bothwick will boot us with bothical music in the bar.

Advance Tickets on Sale at BRISTOL TICKET SHOP and THE HERE SHOP (Stokes Croft)