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Slo-mo Night #3 Featuring Team Brick & Alexander Thomas

Thu 24 September 2009 // 20:00

(Fri 24th / 8pm / £4)

Third outing for the night of sumptuous slowness. Slo-mo nights are an experimental immersive cinematic experience with a deft twist on live re-scoring - the improvising musicians & live film-maker are in the audience with you watching it unfold on the big screen.

Many things can happen, but this time's special guesses: Team Brick live looping with clarinet and Bristolian Thereminist and dapper dresser Alexander
Thomas who quickly bypasses the B-movie clichés of this instrument, building up a sensual series of sonic constructions that are alternately scouring and beautiful.
Visuals come from artist David Hopkinson ( mr_hopkinson's computer owner ) drawing from his archives of bespoke slow motion footage, with additional slurred wonders from the re-purposed 78 collection of DJ sLOWdOWNdEAD (Cleaner Records), Made-up Monica, and DJ Tom The Flow playing the all right records at all the wrong speeds in the bar.