Qu Presents Josephine Foster

Mon 21 March 2005 // 20:00

Qu presents JOSEPHINE FOSTER + James Blackshaw
(Mon 21st/ 7.30pm / £5)

Hear it here first....a beautifully nuanced voice that fragments raw
country-folk with soaring operatic undertow and primal forest rock
emotion. A voice that conjures up deep dreams. Just listen and wonder.
JOSEPHINE FOSTER (...and the Supposed (Locust), Born Heller, Children's Hour) is up there with Elizabeth Cotten, Billy MacKensie, Mary Margaret O'Hara and Iris Dement with her affectingly warm song and undulating
voice. She stands far from from the crowd of pretenders by her beatific simplicity and quasi-mystical imagery held together by a
folky/bluesy/woozy backing that is Low-like or Jandek-esque in its
pureness. Playing ukulele, banjo, guitar and harp amongst other
instruments, she manages to glide us, one-on-one, through the delightful tangle that is the forest of her song. You will be moved. This is spectral.

JAMES BLACKSHAW tells us "there's a new finger picker in town" His twelve- string fairly rattles along, resonating to produce unbridled raga-like flurries, bursting with energy, yet harnessed with melody. The drone/raga epic 'Lost Prayers and Motionless Dances' is on Digitalis Industries. A split-album with US-based free-folk collective Davenport is due out on Static now.