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Of Many Delights Presents All About Anna

Sun 19 July 2009 // 20:00

(Sun 19th / 8pm / £5 / over 18s only)
(Jessica Nilsson / DVD / 92 minutes, 2005)

Starring Gry Bay, Mark Stevens and Eileen Daly, produced by Marcella Lindstad from a screenplay by Anya Aims and Loretta Fabiana.

This film is not only about Anna, it is also about the aims and values of the Danish production company "Innocent Pictures", a sister company to Lars von Trier's Zentropa, whose manifesto states that "Women like watching erotic or pornographic films if the presentation turns them on rather than off." The director Jessica Nilsson made this film following the manifesto's
guidelines, mixing features of a standard entertainment movie with explicit adult contents, avoiding the stereotypical repertoire of an adult film and its so common misogynistic overtones. "All About Anna" unfolds to be a story about a young woman and her personal development, resembles at times a comedy, contains lots of sexual adventure and ... might give insight in costume design!
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