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Grubby Mitts & Johnny Parry

Sat 4 July 2009 // 19:30

(Sat 4th July / 7.30pm / £5 advance, £6 on the door)

The Grubby Mitts begun in order to perform the soundtracks that featured in the exhibitions and installations of Andy Holden. Expanding from there the band take on influences from Dada, Devo and drum and bass. Interpretations of Ivor Cutler songs sit alongside collaged compositions that use fragments of waltzes; improvisations built around live projections; chanting, shouting, and glorious instrumentals that build up around joyous saxophone refrains. This special concert for the cube will co-inside with the opening day of Andy Holden’s exhibition at Works / Projects gallery in Bristol.

Support comes from label-mate Johnny Parry, touring his the epic new album 'More Love and Death'. Regularly played on Late Junction, Parry’s trademark sound is his low gravely, Waits-ish voice and dark, lush string arrangements that recall Avro Part and Gavin Bryars. Live, Johnny performs with a set of specially commissioned films by Andy Holden.