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Epic45 + El Heath + The Big Hello + Cat Green Bike

Sat 19 September 2009 // 19:30

(Sat 19th / 7.30 pm / £4 advance, £5 door)

Inspired by their surroundings in a small rural village in the heart of the Midlands, blissful childhood summers and mysterious walks the duo have been making music for more than a decade. Epic45 have had a varied and fluid line-up since their début in 1999, releasing a series of highly acclaimed EPs and albums for labels such as Bearos, Awkward Silence and Where Are My Records. Their last album ‘May Your Heart be the Map’ on the co-operative label ‘Make Mine Music’ sees them concentrating on a more bucolic sound, mixing cyclical acoustic guitars, chiming reverbs and field recordings. The band are currently locked away in their studio, recording a new album and preparing for their upcoming European tour.

EL Heath
Like a modern day romantic, EL Heath finds beauty all around him. It is this that provides inspiration for his music, the world compels this man to make music. And my, what music it is! Crafted with his vast arsenal of guitars, accordions, cheap synthesizers, toy instruments, circuit bent keyboards, field recordings and processed vocals - not to mention his wondrous Martenot. Releases are numerous and have come via Records on Ribs, Dead Sea Liner, Phantom Channel and self-released tapes and CD-Rs.

The Big Hello
“We make songs”

Cat Green Bike
Hailing from Bristol, Cat Green Bike is the musical guise of ukulele and saw playing Xenia Randle. Her minimal micro-epic ukulele sub-balladry brims with the wry witticisms of a closet English eccentric. Gingerly plucked melodic lines with prog-rock spines are interwoven with a satiric, dryly humoured vocal counterpoint in hushed home-counties tones.

Music in the bar from Tarl Broad-Ashman, owner of Distant Noise Records.