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Avon Gorge Wild Swim Race

Sun 13 September 2009 // 13:00

(Sun 13th / 1pm / free)


* 13:00 Meet and greet.
* 13:30 Practice dip.
* 13:52 Race start.

Would you like to swim under the clifton suspension bridge and live to tell the tale ? And maybe even win a prize, then the Avon Gorge Wild Swim Race is for you !
Meet under The Clifton Suspension Bridge on the Leigh Woods side of the River Avon.
Taking place during slack water of high neap tide if water quality and weather permits.

Length of swim: 1.6 km

Hot refreshments provided by feral trade cafe.

Safety boats by avon canoe pilots.

Obviously, swimmers are responsible for their own risk assessment and actions.
The swim is not lead or supervised by any qualified individuals and no insurance is provided to swimmers.

Nobody will assume any legal responsibility for any swimmer in relation to the swim.
If any swimmer is in any doubt about the safety of the swim or their ability to complete it, then they should not take part.