Mountain Films Programme 3

Tue 30 June 2009 // 19:00

Mountain Films. Programme 3

(Tue 30th / 7pm / £6/5)

Monty Python – North Face of the Uxbridge Road (4 mins)

Confronted with one of the last great challenges, the Pythons dodge buses and BBC interviewers in a quest for the impossible.

By a Thread
(Juan Carlos Romera / Spain / 2005 / 9 mins)

Perhaps the only way to feel truly alive is to put your life at risk but when your life is hanging by a thread, who can you trust?

Lakeland Rock: Eagle Front
(Paul Beriff / UK / 1985 / 25 mins)

Lakeland climber and renowned landscape painter Bill Peascod is joined by Chris Bonington to recreate the first ascent of the classic climb Eagle Front in Buttermere and discuss the impact of landscape painting and climbers from past generations.

(Pavol Barabás / Slovakia / 2002 / 20 mins)

Mustang, although part of Nepal, is a kingdom long kept secret from most of the world. It is a land of endless wind, tirelessly obliterating all trace of every caravan. Time seems to have stopped in this medieval fortress. Electricity, roads and cars are unknown to these people and yet in some ways they are ahead of us through knowledge of nature and acceptance of their way of life. The fortress of Lo Manthang continues to guard its secrets.


A Great Effort
(Jim Curran / UK / 1976 / 15 minutes)

Jim Curran is one of Britain’s foremost mountain film makers. Many will be familiar with The Bat, but few know this earlier film which explores the climbing writing of J. Menlove Edwards and recreates one of his most famous pieces about climbing in Wales.

Sur Les Fils 4000m
(Gilles Chappaz / France / 2004 / 50 mins)
(Produced by Migoo Production / Ville de Grenoble / Association Grande Cordée)
With long time friend Phillipe Magnin, Patrick Berhault set out on a quest to climb all 82 peaks over 4000m in the Alps in one in one season. After 58 days climbing their adventure comes to a sudden and tragic end.