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Free Cube Summer Flux Fest With Salad

Sat 8 August 2009 // 15:00

(Sat 8th / 3 - 7pm / Free)

An afternoon of eco friendly performance and salad, surrounded by the
trees and plants of the Cube's own little tree garden.

On this day, we are planning a barbecue in celebration of a first season of Free Cube talks this year at the Cube Cinema.

During this, we will perform the 1962 Fluxus performance piece by Alison Knowles - where a salad is prepared artistically with amplified chopping sounds and served spectacularly, with musical accompaniment, to an audience for free.
Please bring salad and BBQ ingredients to share, especially if you've grown it yourself. Ingredients in by 4pm please. Performance and Salad serving at 6pm.
We are seeking volunteers to toss the salad. If you're a bit of a tosser, please get in touch with: ale AT cubecinema.com