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Big Pink Cake

Sat 11 July 2009 // 14:00

(Sat 11th / 2pm / £10 all day starting at 2pm and £6 starting at 7pm for the evening bands)

Big Pink Cake indie pop all weekender kicks off at The Cube, bringing the very best in local homegrown indie pop, national and some international acts to boot, with special guest djs from the indie pop world both past and present. The event coincides with the release of Big Pink Cake's indie pop compilation cd (BPC001) as they become a record company putting Bristol firmly back on the indie pop map. Bands are to play acoustically/semi acoustically in the bar/lounge area are: The Short Stories (Bristol), The Hi-Life Companion (Bristol), The Pete Green Corporate Juggernaut (Sheffield), Countryside (Bristol) and Secret Shine (Bristol).
Bands to play in the cinema, combining both sound and vision are:
Electrophonvintage (France), Vanilla Ride (Norway), The Westfield Mining Disaster (Bristol), Amida (Manchester), Santa Dog (Bristol) and Pocketbooks (London). All bands that are playing feature on the Big Pink Cake compilation cd, which will be on sale as well as other merchandise at the event. Kicking off in the lounge area during the day and then moving into the cinema for the evening. Free cakes, badges, a raffle and other prizes/competitions will occur during the day.

check out http://www.myspace.com/bigpinkcake or http://www.bigpinkcake.co.uk for more details.