Premiere De Cordée (leader On The Rope)

Mon 29 June 2009 // 20:00

This forms part of the Mountain Films Programme.

Programme 2

Première de Cordée (Leader On The Rope)
(Mon 29th / 8pm / £6/5)
(Edouard Niermans /Switzerland / 1999 / 89 mins / cert: TBA)

In the late 1930’s, Chamonix was a destination for cosmopolitan society, attracted by the novelties of climbing and skiing beneath in the shadow of Europe’s highest mountain. Inspired by the novels of the French mountain guide Roger Frison-Rouche, as war approached, an unexpected liaison occurs between a young mountain guide Zian and an Italian socialite Bianca, whose father has been responsible for the death of Zian’s father. As WW2 approaches, and tension between nations mounts, the film follows communities on the verge of conflict yet with the potential for reconciliation. Contains explicit adult material.
Preceeded by:

Max et sa belle-mère
(Max Lindner and Lucien Nonquet / France / 1911 / 20 mins)

As a silent comedy star Max Linder predated Charlie Chaplin, who is known to have admired his predecessor. Many of his comic techniques were copied as late as the Marx brothers. Gassed during WW1, his Hollywood career ended tragically. In this film shot in happier times, Max and his new wife attempt to enjoy a honeymoon on an Alpine Holiday, despite his ever present and accident prone mother-in-law.