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Free Cube - Green Politics

Tue 9 June 2009 // 20:00

(Tue 9th / 8pm / Free)

This month, Free Cube looks into the thorny and possibly dangerous linking of the terms "green" and "politics"...

“The current system is not fit for purpose. It disempowers and disillusions us. We are not a silent majority, we are a silenced majority. We need to fix the system in order to fix the big issues.”

- Graham MacArthur, Campaign for Democracy
The Campaign for Democracy is a pressure group that proposes a positive redesign of the current political system in order to solve wider, long term problems. In his talk, Graham will mention some of these current issues - such as climate change and peak oil, renewable energy and health and will talk about how a new political system might help to get these things into place.

"Are conflict and resource wars inevitable? What can we do to prevent them?"
While most people are out fighting over who grew the largest turnip to bring to Free Cube, International Security MSC student Ryan Scadlock has been calmly investigating and speaking on the basis for working out the sort of creative and constructive understanding and action that offers positive ways forwards. Mel McCree of the Bristol Green Arts Network will also give a short blether on grassroots social organisation & decision making processes.

Completely free, intimate and friendly, these nights are open for all to participate in in any way they like. Bring food to share, items to exchange, and or the biggest vegetable you can find!