Depth Of Field

Sun 3 May 2009 // 20:00

(Sunday 3rd / 8pm / £5)

An evening of experimental audio-visual performance to focus your ears and eyes.
Prepare to be mesmerised by the intricately woven sonic world of Berlin based Sabine Vogel’s flutes and electronics where the barely audible becomes audible, and London based Jo Thomas’s rich and diverse textures constructed from audio glitches, intense bass sounds and human voice.

A new collaboration between local sonic adventurer Tom Bugs, with his own hand-built modular synth, and Mexican Theremin player Nahum Mantra - both experimenters within the fertile border between arts and science.

Visuals from Bristol artist Kathy Hinde, and new sounds works in collaboration with i am the mighty jungulator’s new and improved generative music software.
A lone, self-playing toy piano performing Erik Satie’s durational composition ‘Vexations’ will be found sheltering in the Cube’s garden. Explore further to discover a mechanised sound sculpture with wine glasses constructed by Greek sound artist Efthymios Chatzigiannis to investigate the behaviour of sonic feedback.
To celebrate International Dawn Chorus Day (May 3rd), Bristol based artist Matt Davies and Marcus Kuerten from Rhineland will simultaneously record the dawn chorus in the UK and Germany to be re-played at Depth Of Field that same evening.
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